Dragon Con is happy to be celebrating its 33rd year, and the AmericasMart Building two will be full of excitement and great things to see!

In 2018 we widened the aisles on every floor to make shopping more enjoyable and comfortable. Finding those must-have items and limited edition Dragon Con only merchandise was so much easier! In 2019 vendor booths will once again be located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors with the dealer tables sharing the 3rd floor.  We encourage you to visit every floor to see the new vendors and re-visit your old favorites!  You can take escalators located in the front and back of the hall to get to each floor and there is handicap access that is marked by signs throughout the building.

Floor four in the AmericasMart building two is home to our awesome Comic & Pop Artist Alley that includes programming with your favorite artists.

All maps and directions can be found throughout the convention and on the official Dragon Con App. 

We look forward to seeing you Labor Day weekend!

If you have any questions please contact

Our 2019 Dealers and Exhibitors:

Floor 1 - Exhibitor Website
Afterimages Of Ghostfire
Anime Depot/King Roach Enterprises
Anime Gift  
Aradani Studios
Arda Wigs
Artemis Leather
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Blade Daddy  
Blonde Swan Hats
Brandon Sanderson
Brittnee Braun Designs
Case Crusaders  
Castillo & NoFlutter Studio
Chessex Manufacturing
CIRUELO - Fantasy Artist
Corsets By Casta Diva  
Crane's Post, Inc.
Edgework Imports Inc  
Elmore Productions
Fandom Metalworks
Fool Moon Treasures Inc
Forged Foam
Galaxy Press
Geek Orthodox
Glitch Gaming Apparel
Got Kilt
Henry Cesneros
Honeck Sculpture
Imaginarium Galleries
Intergalactic Trading Co
Kimono USA LLC
Kmk Designs
Lolita Collective
Magical Fashions
Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe
My Little Demon
Nature of Reaction  
New Age Discoveries
Night Phoenix Designs
Nite Owl Workshop
Norse Foundry
Orange Ribbon Studios  
Pegasus Publishing
Pendragon Costumes
PulsArt Studio
Queen of All Shadows
Ravenwood Leather
Rebel Base Comics & Toys
Reel Art
Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art
SCG Distribution
Shadows On The Wall  
Silver Leaf Costumes
Snappy Ties
Spartamac Publishing, LLC
Tairen's Lair & Authors Lair
Tentacle Kitty LLC
TG Comics 512
The Dragon's Keep  
The Dragon's Lair
The Missing Volume
Timeless Trends
Titan Games & Comics
Triangle Cards & T-Shirts
Troll & Toad
Ultra Sabers
Unique Unicorns  
Volante Design, Inc
Whimsic Alley  
Win & In Games
World In Chains Chainmaille
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Floor 2 - Exhibitor Website
Alchemy Arms
Alien Entertainment/Doctor Who Store
Anime Palace  
Armoured Wolf Productions
Ash Evans Art LLC
Badali Jewelry Specialties
Bard & Broad
Bard's Tower
Bast's Garden
Blade Daddy  
Cantina Comics & Cafe
Captured Curls
Convention Exclusive.Com
Crafty Celts
Crazy Cat Collectables  
Crazy Ed's Comics
Cross Country Collectibles  
Cut/Sew Patternmaking
Delicious Boutique
Dimension Decals
Dragon Pets
Drawing the Dragon- April Adams
Echo-X Llc
Galaxy Creations
Gamer Concepts
Gingee Girls Art
Gryphon's Moon
House Of Anime  
J & J Collectibles
J and J Enterprises  
James Hill Studios Gallery
JMD Toy Store
Junior's Comic And Cards  
Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks
Milton's Emporium
Moss Fete
Mountiandale Press
Nerdy Novelty Design
Nigel Sade Fine Art
O Christmas Geek
Obsidian's Caldera  
Offworld Designs
Oh, Jessa! / Just Jessa
Outer Rim Toys/Out of The Toy Box Jewelry
Pirate Fashions LLC
Plastic Empire
Poetic Earth Handmade Journals
Posh Geekery!/pages/posh-geekery/367123673461083
Posters And Comics  
Pretty Spooky Handmade
Rak Graphics  
Ransom Designs
Ravenwing Wearable Art
Reliquary Arcanum
Ruth Nore Designs
Sam Flegal's Fateful Signs
Sarah Wilkinson Art
Scarlett's Corset
Sean's Celtic Creations
Shadow Alley Press  
Shottsy Arts LLC
Siege The Day
Sock Dreams
Spiral Moon
Starbase Atlanta
Steam Forged Studios
Stl Ocarina
Sundreams & Myths
SuperVillain Comics, LLC
Surreal Makeup
Tamori Publications
Tandy Leather Factory
Tea & Absinthe
The Evergreen Burrow,
The Fairy Stitch Factory
The Paisley Poppy
The Utilikilts Co Llc
The Wizard's Wagon
Troy Foryre LLC
Twilight Creations
Twisted Heroes
UCF Video Games
Where The Gods Live
Wolfhome Adventure Outfitters  
Wonderland Creations
World Of Strange
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Floor 3 - Dealer Website
13X Studios
2 Bros and a Bard
Andrew Herman
Anime Remix
Arsenal Models
Art By Deanna Davoli
Art of David Wong
Back to Earth Creations
Big City Comics
Chris A. Jackson
Chubby Bunny Studios
Commissioned Credentials Llc
Crescent Creepers
Crimson Chain Leatherworks  
Dapper Delicates
Discotek Media
Dragon Scale Dreams Ltd
Edgework Imports Inc  
Evil Bunny Empire
Fanboy Glass
Fangirl Frames
Feather Wings by Uber Kio
Forbidden Knowledge
Frederick's Forge  
Furry Feline Creatives LLC
Geeky Endeavors
Geeky Girl Stitches
Happy Dragons by Nina Bolen
I Think I've Created a Monstah!
Jackie's Copper Creations
Katie Jo Artsy
Kopes Kreations
Little Petal
Lost Alien Collectibles  
Meloria Maille
Nene Thomas Inc
Nightfall Forest/Sugar Lagoon
Otherworldly Alchemist /
Pandara Polaris
Paper Bones
Random Smash
RootisTabootus Illustrations LLC
Sideboard Games and Collectibles
Snacks From Japan.Com
Southern Celebrations
Sprinkle Ninja
Stephanie Romano  
Studio Pen Pen
Teddy Scares
The Art of Gabby Ramirez  
The Lovers Knot
The MacBath
The Stray Wolf
The Wheel of Time Store
Three Sisters Co
Time Machine Collectibles
Venture Effects  
William Stout
With a Grain of Salt
Wyrd Armouries
Zombie Love Squad
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Floor 3 - Exhibitor Website
2nd and Charles
A Mother of Dragon Eggs
Alkemie & Artistry
ArchaicSmiles Artwork
Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Art of Will Pigg
Baby Rabiez
Bead Geekz
Blick Art Materials
Button Fox
Carolina Game Tables/ Beautiful Brains
Cave Geek Art
CCT Miami
Chicago Costume
Chicagoland Games: Dice Dojo
Creature Curation, LLC.  
Darwin and Wallace
Elderwood Academy
Electro Flash Media
Epic Cosplay Wigs
Equilibrium USG
Esclair Studios
Family Dragon  
Famore Cutlery/Specialty Product Sales
Fantastical Menagerie
Fine Collectibles Protection, Frames, & Displays
Half Price Books
Harebrained Design
Henna Illuminata
Highlander Novelties or
In My Parents Basement
J.R. Mounts
Kaleidoscope Shop
Level Up Dice
Luca Designs Inc
Lynnvander Studios
Mario's Comics and Art
Miser Bros Press
More Me Know
Patronum DeliciOsa
Peach Seas
Pop N Toys  
Popcycled Baubles
Precious Plunder  
Pride Kitty - Like A Cat
Rumble and Roar Wandmakers
Scrolling Fantasy
Seams Geeky
Seekers & Settlers  
SewMuch Cosplay LLC
Smooth-On, Inc.
Sorensen's Precision Diceworks
The Mana Pool Bazaar
UkoalaBag, Inc.
Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Co
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